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Warrigala! 2017

Saturday, 19 August 2017 - 10am to 3pm

Warrigal Road, Eight Mile Plains 4113

Warrigal Road State School, the largest primary school in Queensland, will hold its Warrigala Fete on Saturday 19th August. For everyone's enjoyment there will be student performances, fairground rides, raffles, Sideshow Games, Stalls, displays and much more.

wrss logoLovers of fine food can expect a fabulous selection of delicious International Flavours, Home-made Cakes, and delightful Sweets from our various Food and Drinks outlets. A wide variety of stalls and activities will be present on the day including Markets Stalls, Raffles, and Live Performances.

Children will enjoy all the fun of the fair, with our traditional Carnival attractions, including the biggest and best Amusement Rides, Sideshow Games, Face Painting, Fairy Floss and Petting Zoo. This is a multicultural event with something for everyone, so come along and experience a fantastic day out like no other! Warrigala will be held on the Warrigal Road school grounds - 314 Warrigal Road, Eight Mile Plains.

Gates open at 10am - entry is free - we look forward to seeing you there!

warrigala competition

Warrigala Advertising Competition

A little while ago, the students in the coding club entered a competition to create YouTube video advertisements for this year's Warrigala. Here are the winners!

Rhea 4A - Rhea's YouTube Video Link

Daisy 2C - Daisy's YouTube Video Link

Karensa - Karensa's YouTube Video Link

warrigala volunteers wanted

Volunteers Needed!

Many hands make light work, and if you would like to have fun, meet new people and support a great cause, considering joining the Warrigala "team".

We need parents and friends of Warrigal Road State School to help out on stalls and activities at Warrigala and/or in the lead up to the big day

Please contact us on (07) 3340 5300 or Email for further details, inquiries and to find a stall or activity for you!

Ride Passes are now on sale at the Uniform Shop

or available for purchase online at Flexischools

Let's Get Social

Warrigala Multicultural food

Multicultural Food for all Tastes!

warrigala face painting

Face Painting!

warrigala bbq

Aussie BBQ!

warrigala cakes

Home Baked Cakes!

warrigala petting zoo

Animal Encounters!

warrigala kebabs

Food and Drinks

We have a fabulous range of multicultural delights including Greek Food, Vegetarian Indian Food, Halal, Hot Cakes, Indonesian Satay Chicken, South African Food, Aussie BBQ, Chips, cold drinks and more!

Warrigala Fairy Floss

Sweets and Treats

Treat your taste buds to some delightful sweets and treats! Nothing beats fresh Fairy Floss on the stick. We have mouth-watering Ice Creams, plus a wide range of delicious home-baked Cakes, Sweets and Lollies

warrigala super heroes


There's a full program of main stage entertainment featuring dance, martial arts and instrumental performances. Catch up with our own Star Wars Superhereos Darth Vader, the Stormtrooper and Chewbacca!

sideshow games

Sideshow Alley

There are some great prizes to be won in Sideshow Alley, so step right up and truck your luck! There's games of chance and games of skill including Lucky Dips, Laughing Clowns, Hook a Duck, Raffles galore and much more!

warrigala stalls

Stalls & Activities

We have a huge range of stalls and activities planned for this year's Warrigala featuring bargains galore. There's Face Painting, pre-loved clothing and jewellery , Cake Stall, Book Stall, Market Stalls and more!

warrigala coffee

Warrigala Cafe

After a busy morning bargain-hunting at the stalls, it may be time to put your feet up and relax at the Warrigala Cafe. Enjoy an espresso Coffee, refreshing Tea or cool drink, along with a home-baked slice of cake.

warrigala ride ticket box

Rides! Rides! Rides!

With 12 fabulous rides and attractions coming to Warrigala, buying a Ride Pass is a must!

Ride Passes will be on sale at the Ticket Booth during Warrigala for $30.00 per Pass. Save $5.00 by pre-purchasing your Ride Pass for $25.00 at Warrigal Road State School prior to the event!

Ride Passes are now available to purchase online, by visiting www.flexischools.com.au.

Dodgem Car safety sign

Amusement Ride Safety

We all love having fun at Warrigala, however your safety is our top priority. Rider restrictions do apply to some attractions, so "measure up" before the Fete to confirm which rides you and your family can access, and whether any conditions apply.

Check out the great fairground rides we have booked for Warrigala, and get ready for a fantastic day of excitement and fun!

warrigala miami trip ride
Miami Trip

Party long and party hard, while taking the ride of your life on the wicked Miami Trip! This extreme party machine takes fun and excitement to the max, as it whips around forwards, backwards then over the top!!

Riders must be 125cm in height to ride. Sory, no exceptions. A ticket or Ride Pass is required for entry.

warrigala round up ride
Round Up

Get pinned to the wall as you defy gravity on the awesome Round Up!

Scream if you want to ride faster - or higher - or longer!

Riders must be 120cm in height to ride. Sorry, there are no exceptions. A ticket or Ride Pass is required for entry

warrigala Storm ride

Batten down the hatches! This is just like a real Storm with blazing colours, wild twists and awesome turns. Get ready for an electrifying experience you will never forget!

Riders must be 120cm in height to ride. Sorry, there are no exceptions. A ticket or Ride Pass is required for entry

warrigala rock climbing wall
Rock Climbing Wall

Take up the challenge, reach for the top and climb the wall! Our Rock Climbing Wall has 5 climbs of varying difficulty suiting all ages and levels of experience

Climbers must weigh at least 35kgs and no more than 110kgs. A ticket or Ride Pass is required for entry

Warrigala Wipeout Challenge
Wipeout Challenge

This six player game has two rotating sweeper arms. Each person stands on foam numbered podium which are mount on an inflatable bed. Duck under one arm then jump over the next. Only the fittest and strongest will be victorious and the last person standing!

Suitable for ages 6 to 15 years. Two queues in operation - 6 to 10 years and 11 to 15 years. A ticket or ride pass is required for entry

Super Slide
Super Slide

Nothing beats the Super Slide for all round family fun. Race your friends to the bottom on either the green, yellow or pink lanes!

Riders must be 100cm in height to ride alone. Children less than 100cm in height must ride with an adult 16 years+. All riders require a Ride Pass or single ticket, except an adult who is accompanying an under-sized child.

laser skirmish
Laser Skirmish

What a blast! Laser Skirmish is hi-tech interactive fun set amongst the pine trees at Warrigal Road State School.

The game is suitable for children 6 years and over. All riders require a Ride Pass or single ticket.

Cup and Saucer ride
Cup and Saucer

Enjoy the classic family experience of the legendary Tea Cups ride. Take a sweet spin on these colourful cups of joy in a blaze of colourful lights and carnival sounds.

Riders must be 100cm in height to ride alone. Children less than 100cm in height must ride with an adult 16 years+. All riders require a Ride Pass or single ticket, except an adult who is accompanying an under-sized child..

Lion Safari Big Bouncer
Lion Safari Big Bouncer

Have some real Jungle Fun with the turtles, crocodiles, elephants and gorillas on the giant Bouncy Lion Castle

Suitable for ages 5 to 15 years. Two queues in operation - one for smaller and the other for larger children. All riders require a Ride Pass or single ticket

Jungle Fever Bouncer
Jungle Fever Toddler Bouncer

Jungle Fever is our junior bouncer, designed just for the littlies, who can explore a new world of inflatable fun

Suitable for ages to 5 years. All riders require a Ride Pass or single ticket

Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round

The littlies can enjoy this delightful Merry Go Round featuring hand crafted horses and carriages for the toddlers. This timeless carnival classic that has entertained youngsters for generations

Suitable for younger children who are over 95cm and under 150cm in height.

Animal Farm
Petting Zoo

Get up close and person with the adorable barnyard babies in the Petting Zoo. Children can pat and cuddle our delightful farmyard friends including goats, chickens, ducks and lambs.

The Petting Zoo is suitable for all ages. A ticket or ride pass is required for entry. We recommend adult (no ticket required) accompany very young children.

314 Warrigal Road, Eight Mile Plains Qld 4113
(07) 3340 5300